The best brands of e-cigarette batteries to power up your electronic smoking device!


What are e-cigarette batteries?

E-cigarette batteries are often Li-ion batteries used to power electronic smoking devices such as electronic cigarettes, mods and some vaporizers. The electricity heats a coil or chamber by which e-liquid or other substances can be vaporized. Batteries are an essential part of an e-cigarette and will need semi-regular replacement.

Are these batteries rechargeable?

Yes, they are. These batteries can be recharged 150 – 300 times.

Should I offer e-cig batteries to my customers?

If your business revolves around tobacconists, head shops or vape shops, offering batteries is a must. A lot of mods, e-cigarettes and vaporizers don’t come with batteries. They need to be bought separately. Without batteries, these devices cannot be used.

What does MaH stand for?

MaH is an acronym for Milliamp Hours. MaH measures the battery capacity or, in other words, how much energy can be stored in the battery. The higher the MaH, the longer the battery life. A longer battery life means the battery has to be charged less often.

What do the numbers 18650 and 26650 mean?

These numbers indicate the type (shape, size) of a battery, comparable to AA or AAA indicators for penlight batteries. Like with all electronic devices, only a certain battery type will fit. So check the products you sell that need batteries to know which ones you need to keep in stock.

15A, 20A, 30A 35A. What do these numbers followed by an A mean?

The A in this case stands for ampere. It’s an indicator for the maximum continuous discharge capacity of a battery. Some mods and sub-ohm devices for example need a lot of energy to function. So for these devices it’s important to choose batteries that have a high maximum continuous discharge. Other devices will need a lot less and a lower ampere battery is a suitable, low-coast option. The product manual of an electronic smoking device will mention the amperes needed for that specific device.

What brands of batteries do you sell?

We only offer premium brand batteries produced by companies like Konion (Sony), LG and Samsung.

I’ve heard stories about exploding batteries. Is this a thing?

It’s very rare, but a damaged battery can, under certain circumstances, heat up too much and break down. To prevent this from happening, batteries always need to be transported safely, in a plastic battery case for example. Damaged batteries should be discarded through the proper channels and should not be used under any circumstances.

Do e-cigarette batteries come with a warranty?

Undamaged batteries come with a replacement warranty of 3 months after purchase.


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