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Looking for the best quality cannabis seeds from world famous brands? At Shaman Wholesale we pride ourselves on our extensive fresh regular, feminized and auto flower seed collection.

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Cannabis Seeds

What are cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are seeds of the cannabis sativa plant. Female cannabis plants produce flowers that can be consumed in many different ways as weed. Weed or marijuana can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes.

What type of cannabis seeds are available?

Most seeds banks make a distinction between three types of seeds: regular, feminized and auto-flowers.

Regular seeds.

Regular seeds produce male and female phenotypes in a more or less 50-50 percent ratio. Having both is great if you want to produce more seeds, breed your own custom cross over or if you want to grow a hardy mother plant. However, if you’re growing cannabis to obtain weed, it is paramount that you learn to distinguish between male and female plants, and that you remove all male plants before flowering takes off. If a male plant pollinates a female plant, the female plant will produce seeds which make the weed un-consumable.

Feminized seeds.

To make things easier for beginning and experienced growers alike, feminized seeds where created. When a female plant gets stressed, a survival tactic gets triggered and it will start to pollinate itself, thereby creating seeds that will produce all female plants. Besides taking out the factor of male plants, feminized seeds come in a huge variety and are by far the most popular type of seeds at the moment. Plants from feminized seeds can be cloned as well, although clones from regular plants are still preferred by experienced growers.

Autoflower seeds.

By crossing cannabis sativa varieties with the automatically flowering Cannabis ruderalis, autoflower seeds where created. These seeds produce all female plants that will bloom automatically at a set time, independent of the light / dark schedule or season. Since autoflower plants have a much shorter growth period, the plants will stay a bit on the small side which makes autoflowering cannabis plants great to grow in both gardens and on balconies. Also, they are a relatively fool proof option for inexperienced growers. The yield tends to be a bit lower compared to feminized and regular plants, but the ease of growing makes them a very popular option for the occasional cannabis grower!

Medicinal / High CBD seeds.

When it comes to breeding cannabis strains, the focus used to be more or less exclusively on a high THC content. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is a substance that Cannabis sativa plants produce and is mainly responsible for getting you ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ when consuming the buds. In contrast, CBD is not psychoactive, but it has a whole range of medical uses and purposes. Consuming high CBD strains can help with mood, anxiety, appetite, sleep and pain management which makes them a must-have for your seed catalogue!

How do you store cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds need to be stored sealed in a fridge to keep them fresh. If your customer plans to use the seeds within a month, storing them in a fridge is not necessary. If stored in a fridge, your customer needs to take them out 24-48 hours before they start to prepare them for germination.

Are cannabis seeds legal?

Cannabis seeds are legal in most countries, and Shaman Wholesale sells legal products only. However, legislation can vary from country to country. Always consult your lawyer to check legality in your place of business. If cannabis seeds are not legal in your country of business, we will not be able to sell them to you.

We offer these seeds strictly for resale and repackaging by registered companies. Due to the limitations of Dutch law we cannot sell to any parties who engage in large scale growing operations within The Netherlands. All sales are within the limits of Dutch law.

Should I offer my customers cannabis seeds?

If cannabis seeds are legal in your place of business, and if your business revolves around smartshops, headshops, Dutch coffeeshops, edibles or marijuana dispensaries, then cannabis seeds are a wonderful option to offer your customers

Which seeds are best for my customers?

To decide which seeds are best to offer to your customers, level of expertise, location and objectives are important. You know your customers best! To make your choice easier, we handpicked the best starins and seed banks for you. Each product has a list of specifications and selling points. But at the minimum we would advice you to offer a selection of feminized and autoflower seeds of famous strains, as well as some high CBD options for medicinal users. Don’t hesitate to contact our wholesale team if you need tailored advice!


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