Budget and premium tanks and clearomizers for beginners and cloud chasers alike.


What are clearomizers?

A clearomizer is a e-cigarette tank in which e-liquid is held and vaporized. The word is a combination of clear (because these tanks are transparent as to be able to view how much e-liquid is in there) and atomizer (refers to the coil that vaporizes the liquid). The tank contains a central column that holds the coil which is topped with a mouthpiece/drip tip.

Should I offer clearomizers to my customers?

If your business revolves around tobacconists, headshops or vapeshops or selling e-cigarettes, you absolutely should! However, we advise against offering these products to non-smokers. Also note that these products cannot be sold to minors.

Do all tanks fit on every e-cigarette?

No, they don’t. Things to check for are connection type, coils types the tank can handle, which modes (TC, VV/VW, sub-ohm) you can and want to use with the device, and of course; aesthetics.

What does eGo and 510 mean?

eGo and 510 are types of screw connections with which the tank is connected to the battery, mod or base of the electronic smoking device. Check the connection type of the devices you sell to know which tanks you need to keep in stock.

What coils can I use with a certain clearomizer?

On the product page of a clearomizer you can find a link to suitable coils.

A clearomizer stopped working properly. Does it need to be replaced?

More often than not: no. Check if the following things are in order. If they do and the tank still doesn’t work properly, it probably needs replacement.

  • Check if a new coil fixes the problem. Coils only have a limited lifespan and need to be replaced often.
  • Check if the tank and the connection to the battery are clean.
  • Check the mouthpiece. Sometimes it’s dirty or clogged.
  • Check if the tank is suitable for the device used.
  • Check if the battery is sufficiently charged and suitable for the tank and coil used.

Do clearomizers come with a warranty?

Tanks and clearomizers are covered with a DOA (Dead On Arrival) warranty.


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