All the additional coils you’ll need for clearomizers and devices bought at Shaman Wholesale!


What is a coil?

A coil is the heating element of an electronic cigarette. It often consists of a metal thread wrapped around cotton (wick), held together within a metal casing. A coil is an essential element of an e-cigarette and specific to the tank used. Coils need to be replaced on a regular basis, because heating the coil repeatedly will eventually wear down the metal wire and cotton.

The type of metal used in a coil determines in which modes (TC/VV/VW) it can be used. The shape in which the wire is wrapped and the total length of wire within one heating element/coil influence the ampere it can handle, which is correlated to the amount and thickness of the vapor that will be produced. Besides ready to-use-coils, we also sell diy-materials to enable experienced customers building their own coils according to their personal specifications.

Should I offer coils to my customers?

If your business revolves around tobacconists, headshops or vapeshops, and you sell e-cigarettes, coils are an essential part of your assortment as they need to be replaced every few days/weeks. Note that we advise against offering these products to non-smokers. These products also cannot be sold to minors.

How is a coil replaced?

Simply unscrew the old coil and screw in a new one. In most devices a button needs to be pressed so the device can measure the specs of that coil and its settings will be adjusted accordingly. Make sure the new coil is made for that specific tank. Inserting a non-suitable coil can lead to overheating and short circuiting.

Which coils should I offer?

You’ll need coils that are specifically made for the tanks and/or e-cigarettes that you sell. On the product page of said e-cigarette or tank you’ll find a link to suitable coil options. Please know that our wholesale team is happy to help with any questions!

My customer enjoys Temperature Control vaping. Which coils should I recommend them?

Only coils made of stainless steel wire are suitable for TC vaping. On stainless steel coils, the acronym SS will usually be printed, along with the brand name and other specs.

Is there a warranty on coils?

No. Due to their function, coils wear down relatively quickly and are sensitive to wrong use. Therefore, no warranty is given.


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