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De Sjamaan launches Shamanica truffles

De Sjamaan launches Shamanica truffles

De Sjamaan launches Shamanica truffles

De Sjamaan Wholesale proudly presents a new truffle variety in our magic truffle brand: Shamanica truffles. This potent & premium magic truffle variety, is a very important addition to the assortment of any smartshop. It provides a good choice for customers who desire a premium top shelf experience.

Our magic truffles range comes with a handy poster which will explain the differences between our psilocybe truffle varieties to your customers. This way your customers can take in some handy information and choose which psychedelic truffle they want to experience next. Asides from saving your staff precious time, the poster also looks awesome.

Would this look nice in your store?

Our psychedelic truffles are always fresh. We stored and ship them cool. Express shipping is available.

Product description:
A deep mystical trip paired with intense visual hallucinations. Experience truffle magic brought to you by master growers. Psilocybe Shamanica offers an intense shamanic experience, a feeling of harmony with your surroundings both internal and external. The Psilocybe Shamanica Magic Truffle is not suitable for first-timers or inexperienced trippers. Psilocybe Shamanica is the strongest magic truffle available. Indoor use is advised due to the trip’s intensity. Keep in mind that a trip is a personal experience. Your state of mind and surroundings will influence how you experience the trip.

Shamanica, is the Psilocybe Atlantis cultivated on another substrate and allowed to grow for much longer, resulting in a larger and more powerful magic truffle. Shamanica is a magic truffle brand that is not Valhalla. Users report that it’s slightly more powerful in effect. Magic Truffles and Magic Mushrooms contain the same psychoactive substances but are not strictly the same. The magic mushroom is the above-ground fruiting body while the magic truffle is the underground compact mass of hardened mycelium, or sclerotia, formed by the same fungi. Where the magic mushroom is a fleshy body with a stalk and cap, the magic truffle more closely resembles the breakfast cereal muesli or a bunch of pebbles. Don’t underestimate the intensity of a magic truffle trip! Always be prepared!

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