We’ve got all you need for customers who want to DIY their own coils and liquid.


What does DIY mean in the context of e-cigarettes?

Vaping often starts out as an alternative to smoking. But for a subset of customers, this evolves into a full blown hobby. E-cigarettes are relatively new devices, which leaves a lot to be experimented with. Experienced vape enthusiasts and cloud chasers aim to create the biggest, tastiest clouds, often as cost-effective as possible. This part of your clientele often wants to mix up their own e-liquids (DIY-juice) and build their own coils. In this DIY-section we sell all the materials needed to take their hobby to the next level.

Should I offer DIY items to my customers?

If your business revolves around tobacconists, headshops or vapeshops, and want to offer the experienced vape enthousiast options as well, offering DIY items is recommended. These type of customers are loyal and willing to spend, but will go elsewhere if DIY options are not available. Note that we advise against offering these products to non-smokers. These products also cannot be sold to minors.

What is kanthal?

Kanthal is an iron-chromium-aluminium (FeCrAl) alloy that’s used in many high-temperature applications. As a DIY product, it’s sold in a wire form in different widths. The width of the wire and the length used determines the resistance. With this wire, customers can wrap their own coils.

Wrapping your own coils allows for customization of your vaping experience and is highly cost-effective. However, this should only be attempted by experienced customers who are well familiar with the basics of electricity and vaping. Kanthal can be used with many vaping modes, but note that this alloy does not allow for TC (temperature control) vaping.

What do I need for DIY juicing?

For DIY juicing, a flavorless base liquid is needed. Depending on preference and the device used, a suitable PG/VG mix is picked. This flavorless liquid is then mixed with an aroma, or a mix of aroma’s. The percentage of aroma used can be adjusted according to the liking of the customer. The base liquid and aroma need to be mixed in a larger bottle that allows for shaking. After mixing thoroughly, the liquid is ready to vape. Customers are interested in DIY juice because it’s cost effective and allows them to create their own favorite flavors.

Whats the difference between PG en VG liquid?

Propylene glycol (PG) is a runny, odourless liquid that’s quickly absorbed by the wick and provides a ‘throat hit’: the prickling sensation of smoking in the throat. Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a thicker, odorless liquid that absorbs slower and has a sweet taste.

VG is well-known for producing huge vape clouds. These liquids are mixed in various ratio’s, and preference varies from person to person and depends on the gear used as well. Devices aimed at producing large clouds will need a liquid with a high percentage of VG. Devices aimed at creating a smoking experience will often perform best with liquids that have a substantial amount of PG mixed in.

Do E-cigarette DIY products come with a warranty?

Proper handling of these products and their outcomes are the responsibility of the end-customer. As such, there is no warranty on these products.


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