Shaman wholesale has a curated collection of E-Cigarettes and accessories for tobacconists, vape shops and head shops. From mods to beginner sets and premium E-Liquids, we have everything to make sure you’ll be a one-stop-shop for your vape customers!

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What are E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are electronic devices that transform certain liquids into inhalable vapor. These liquids may or may not contain nicotine and aroma’s, and offer a less unhealthy alternative to tobacco smoking. Some customers are interested in e-cigarettes as a means to quit smoking tobacco, for others it’s a full blow hobby.

What type of E-Cigarettes are available?

E-cigarettes are a relatively new subset of devices. Like with most electronic gadgets, developments are quick and the options are vast. Although all e-cigarettes operate through the same principle, options vary from simple on/off devices for beginners to highly customizable mods for experienced enthusiasts and cloud chasers.

What type of E-Liquids are available?

  • High propylene glycol (PG) liquids
  • High Vegetable Glycerin (VG) liquids
  • Liquids with and without flavor
  • Aroma liquids to mix your own flavor
  • Liquids with nicotine, nicotine salts and no nicotine


Should I offer E-Cigarettes to my customers?

If your business revolves around tobacconists, headshops or vapeshops, you absolutely should! However, we advise against offering these products to non-smokers. Also note that these products cannot be sold to minors.

What are the after sales like?

Electronic devices warrant after sales. With electronic cigarettes, most issues are caused by the customer not using the device correctly. This can be solved easily if the seller knows the e-cig basics. An e-cigarette customer will return often for new liquid or accessories, which make e-cig products a great option to let your after sales shine and create customer loyalty! Shaman Wholesale only sells premium brand products with low return rates.

Which E-Cigarette products are best for my customers?

That depends on the level of expertise of both you and your customers. Starter sets, accessories and e-liquids are a suitable for all tobacconists and vape shops. But we do advise DIY products and mods only to experienced sellers and customers. Need help deciding? Contact our wholesale team for suggestions!

Do you sell tobacco as well?

Yes, We do. Rolling tobacco can be found here and shisha tobacco can be found here. Please note that these products can only be sold to you if your place of business is in The Netherlands due to VAT and EU regulations.


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