E-cigarette Accessories

Pods, drip tips, chargers and all the other e-cigarette accessories your customers might need.

E-cigarette Accessories

Why should I offer separate adapters for e-cigarettes?

Customers often use their fast charging phone adapters for charging e-cigarettes. However, this is not advisable. E-cigarettes with build-in batteries often niet to be charged at a low ampere of around 0.5 Fast chargers have an output for around 2 ampere. This can cause the battery to overheat while charging, and can shorten its lifespan significantly. Using charging adapters made for e-cigarettes is thus highly advisable.

The glass of a tank broke. Can I buy a new one?

Some brands offer separate glass tubes to replace broken ones. These are not interchangeable with other tanks since they are custom made for that specific tank. Check the product page of the tank or starter-set to check if separate replacement tubes/glass are available.

Are Drip-tips a one size fits all?

No, connection sizes vary. The most common connection types are 510 (aprox. 8.5mm) and 810 (aprox. 12.7mm). In the user manual of the products you offer or on the Shaman Wholesale product page of the specific tank or e-cigarette you can find the size that’s needed. Drip tips / mouthpieces need to be replaced on a semi-regular basis, so make sure you’ll have some varieties in stock that’ll fit the gear in your collection.

I need a specific e-cigarette accessory but I can’t find it in your site.

Please contact our wholesale team! If it’s an accessory for a product that we have in stock, there’s a good chance we can get that for you.


Do e-cigarette accessories have a warranty?

That varies per product type. Check the product page of a specific accessory for more information.

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