Grinders are an essential tool for every weed enthusiast. Shaman Wholesale offers a wide variety of high quality wooden, aluminum, stainless steel and acrylic weed and herb grinders to satisfy your customers every demand and budget.

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What are grinders?
A weed grinder is a tool that is used to grind buds or herbs into smaller pieces. It’s a necessary step to take before the herb is ready for consumption. When vaporised or smoked, ground up weed produces even heating and ensures that no parts are left unused. When used for edibles, it makes even distribution and extraction easier. Grinders are the no. 1 tools used by head shop customers which makes them a must-have category to offer.

What type of grinders are available?
With so much on offer, it can be hard to keep track of what’s out there. Here are some factors to take into consideration when deciding what are the best grinders for your customers:

  • Material. Grinders can be made of wood, acrylic, metal, ceramics, etc. Customers usually have a preference for one material over the other. The material used is a big factor in pricing and durability.
  • Shape. Grinders come in may different shapes and designs. From super flat and portable grinder cards to big and heavy deluxe table top models. Most weed enthusiasts own several grinders that complement different settings and needs.
  • Size. we offer a wide range of sizes. A customer who vaporizes need less weed, and a smaller grinder that someone who wants to make edibles. A grinder for on the go is usually smaller and flatter than a table top grinder for at home.
  • Number of levels. The most simple grinders have two parts. But there are also grinders with three, four or more levels to make the collection of pollen possible.
  • Manual or electric. Most grinders are manual, either by gripping the lid and twisting it or via a crank. But there are also electric grinders available.
  • Tooth shape and amount. Examples are pins, pyramid or diamond shaped teeth. Some grinders are designed to grind very finely and have a lot of teeth, others have less and grind more coarsely.
  • Novelty grinders. Grinders aren’t just a tool: they can also be collectibles. When buying a tool that will be used daily or often, customers often opt for a grinder they enjoy using. Grinders with inventive designs or related to fandoms are one of the most popular grinder categories out there.
  • Quality. Shaman Wholesale offers budget, medium and premium quality grinders. Whatever your customers budget; we’ve got you covered.

Should I offer grinders to my customers?
If your business sells smokers accessories and/or paraphernalia, offering grinders to your customers is a no-brainer. Customers expect tobacconists, headshops and smartshops to have a wide array of grinder options available. We also supply B2B and wholesale customers, so ask our wholesale team for our bulk prices!

Which grinders are the best for my customers?
You know your customers best. To help you decide which grinders you want to offer, we formulated selling points for each weed grinder as to make your decision easier. But as a general rule of thumb: variety is best. The needs and interests of your customers when it comes to size, material, budget, ability, novelty etc. will probably vary greatly. And at the Shaman Wholesale, we have the very best herb grinders to cover all your grinder needs.


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