At Shaman Wholesale, It’s our conviction that the joy of life is found in the balance of a healthy body and mind. But internal and external stressors, lifestyle choices and genetics can compromise that balance. Our selection of health products provides your customers with ample options to support their specific needs and goals.


What health products do you sell?

Shaman Wholesale has an assortment of products that support a well working immune-system, focus, energy management, healthy sleep patterns and stress response. We also have a wide variety of CBD products available. Our products are hand picked based on the latest scientific insights. With our health products, you offer your customers the option to improve and enhance healthy lifestyle habits and optimise their performance.

What are ‘Medicinal Mushrooms’?

Medicinal mushrooms denote a class of mushrooms that have supposed benefits to health. Common examples are: Lion’s Mane, Shii-take, Cordyceps and Turkey Tail. These mushrooms are not psychoactive and can support a healthy immune response, energy management and mental performance. These food supplement mushrooms and formulas are available as powder, capsules and tinctures.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing means talking very small amounts of a psychedelic substance, i.e. a microdose, in order to improve mental well-being, concentration and creativity without the side effects generally associated with taking psychedelics. It’s also used to improve neurogenisis both on it’s own and stacked with other supplements like Lion’s Mane and niacinamide. Microdosing products can be found here.

Do you also sell ‘After Party’ food supplements?

Yes, we do. After Party products can be found here in the smartshop section.

Should I offer health products to my customers?

If your business revolves around headshops, smartshops, dispensaries or food supplement stores, it is advisable to offer your customers a selection of products that corresponds with the other products that are on offer. Reach out to us for customized suggestions!

Do health products interact with medications?

Some do. Customers should always consult a doctor when they consider combining food supplements with their medications.

Can health products cure or prevent diseases?

While there’s consensus that a healthy lifestyle can prevent or even reverse certain diseases, these products are not licensed medications and should not be used as such. These food supplements do not replace or take away the need to have a healthy diet and lifestyle. Customers should always consult a doctor if they want to start taking a new food supplement.

Are health products legal?

Shaman Wholesale sells legal products only. However, legislation can vary from country to country. Always consult your lawyer to check legality in your place of business, especially when it comes to CBD products. If health products are not legal in your country of business, we will not be able to sell them to you.


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