Looking for a hookah, shisha or water pipe? At Shaman Wholesale you can take your pick from budget to premium hookahs, and all the accessories your clients could need.


What is a shisha pipe?

A shisha pipe, also called a hookah, is a type of pipe in which a medium (traditionally: tobacco), mixed with a flavoured molasses, is heated. The smoke is then filtered through water and inhaled via a hose.

Shisha, hookah, water pipe, bong. What is the difference?

In short: shisha and hookah are two names for the same type of pipe and can be used interchangeably. Shisha / hookah’s and bongs all fall under the category water pipes, because they use water as a filter mechanism to cool down and filter smoke. Shisha’s are designed for the use of molasses (flavored syrup) mixed with a medium like tobacco, tobacco alternatives and other plants and herbs. The molasses mix is then heated through burning coal. Bongs are meant for smoking weed or hashish and use a direct flame as the heating mechanism.

Should I offer shisha products to my customers?

If your business revolves around tobacconists, headshops or vapeshops, you absolutely should! Selling these products can be helpful in creating customer loyalty because coal and shisha tobacco needs to be bought regularly. Moreover, shisha pipes often are proper eye candy and can really enhance the overall look and atmosphere of your store.

However, we advise against offering these products to non-smokers. Also note that these products cannot be sold to minors. Contact our wholesale team if you have any questions or need suggestions!

What type of shisha pipes do you offer?

We sell shisha pipes for every type of customer. We offer budget, medium and premium pipes. Most of our hookahs have a modern aesthetic, but we sell pipes with a more traditional look as well. You can take your pick out of our beautiful single hose models, but we have multi hose options available as well. 

Shisha pipes come in many different heights. Smaller pipes are easier to handle and store, but taller pipes produce a cooler and smoother smoking experience. Which pipe is right for your customer depends on what aspects are most important to them. Having a variety of options available ensures that you’ll be able to meet all of your customers needs and is thus highly advisable.

Which shisha accessories are available at Shaman Wholesale?

Coals and tobacco are essential for shisha smoking so we have a many options available. There are several options for quick light coal (no heating plate needed) as well as (premium) bamboo coal. Customers in the Netherlands can take their pick out of several shisha tobacco brands and a whole gamma of delicious flavours. We also have a large collection of shisha tobacco alternatives that can be shipped world-wide.

Shisha pipes are durable if they are maintained well. But some parts may need replacement at some point. We sell bowls, charcoal heaters, grommets, hoses and several other spare parts. With these your customers can enjoy their hookah pipe for many years to come.

Is shisha smoking suitable for minors?

No, it is not. It’s also not recommended to let minors use tobacco alternatives.

Do shisha pipes come with a warranty?

Shisha pipes have a limited warranty. Parts like grommets and hoses are subject to user wear and tear and are not covered. The base made out of glass and ceramic bowls, due to the breakable nature of the material, are not covered under warranty as well. Please contact our wholesale team for details.


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