The newest trends in vaping and most reliable brands can be found right here! Shaman Wholesale offers startersets for beginning and experienced e-cigarette fans alike.

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What Is a starter set?

A starterset is a complete e-cigarette set minus the e-liquid. This means there’s a body, a tank a mouthpiece and coils. A starter set often includes some spare parts or several coil options as well. Batteries and chargers are often not included and need to be bought separately. By law, e-liquid is never included.

How do e-cigarettes work?

An e-cigarette usually consists of a body that holds a battery and a tank that holds e-liquid. When the firing button is pressed, the battery heats a coil in the tank that will turn the e-liquid into an inhalable aerosol. E-cigarettes are often helpful in quitting tobacco smoking. For a subset of customers, this evolves into a full blown hobby. E-cigarettes are relatively new type of devices, which leaves a lot to be experimented with.

What are pods?

Pods are a type of tank, or cartridge, with an integrated coil. When the coil is at the end of its lifespan, the the whole pod needs to be replaced. Pod systems are amongst the most popular e-cigarette classes because of their ease-of-use and favourable pricing. Pods are specific to a certain type of device and are not interchangeable amongst different devices. Pod e-cigarettes are ofter small and discreet, which makes it easy to bring them along wherever you go.

Should I offer e-cigarette starter sets to my customers?

If your business revolves around tobacconists, head shops or vape shops, offering e-cigarettes is a great option! We would recommend every seller in these businesses to at least offer a few basic starter sets. Contact our wholesale team for tailored suggestions.

What type of complementary products should I offer along starter sets?

You’ll need coils and / or pods that fit the devices you sell, e-liquids, batteries, chargers and spare tanks. Contact our wholesale team if you’d like suggestions!

What type of stater sets are there?

We offer sets for every type of customer. From cost-effective pod sets, to advanced mods. E-cig technology is relatively new, and new developments follow each other rather quickly. Our assortment will thus change often as well. Goals and experience levels of the end-customer will vary, and you’ll see that reflected in our pick of starter sets.

Do starer sets come with a warranty?

Certain parts of a starter sets do come with a replacement warranty. Tanks and pods come with a DOA warranty. The body of an e-cigarette comes with a replacement warranty valid up to 3 months of purchase by the end-customer. Mouthpieces, coils, grommets, etc. do not come with any warranty due to the nature of these products.


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